There is a need for localized production of fresh water to provide water for human drinking, and fresh water for raising animals and for irrigation as well as other human uses, that is reliable, affordable and produces little or no industrial pollution.

Additionally, there is a need that the system may be transported and assembled in a number of remote areas inhabited by humans where little or no natural resources are available for providing potable water. The apparatus should be accessible to individuals with limited technical expertise and be available in a range of sizes so that it may be used in areas that lack abundant space.

A water generation plant based on FIT can produce anything from 10,000 liters to Millions of liters per day, providing a cost effective and more efficient water generation solution compared to desalination.

People have prayed for rain and still do; Native Americans Indian danced for it; now we can literally produce/make fresh pure drinking water where and when we want it and need it!



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